Top 5 Five Creepy Things And Places On Google Earth Maps

It has been almost fifteen years since Google Earth maps introduced its street view function. Which has benefited everyone because it is a more accurate representation of a traditional map. It provides a full view of the surroundings, locations, and businesses close nearby. You can use Google Earth maps to go for a walk if you’re bored.

Even though we may not be aware of it, Google Earth maps have improved our lives. Without their Google Earth maps technology, the majority of the apps that we use today wouldn’t be possible. For the first time, we can view all the journey destinations we’d never been able to see in great detail ever before. We no longer have to rely on passersby for directions.

Yet, there have been instances when Google’s cars, satellites, and street view tools have all taken their fair share of spooky pictures and overhead photographs, giving us a view of creepy things and places on Google Earth maps. People have discovered some creepy and perplexing things by using Google Earth maps. Its Street View feature ranges from somewhat uncomfortable to outright terrifying.

Let’s jump to our list of the top 5 five creepy things and places on Google Earth maps:


Giant Pink Bunny – Artesina, Italy

Creepy Things And Places On Google Earth Maps - Giant Pink Bunny

Imagine looking at Google Earth maps and coming across a gigantic, grotesque, creepy pink rabbit. Its face, which is all out of shape and screaming, is located in Northern Italy, adding to the already disturbing atmosphere. If you come across it, you might think your app is malfunctioning or that someone took great care to construct a large terrifying bunny for anyone viewing it from above. , it’s the latter and has nothing to do with the occult.

At 200 feet long and 20 feet high, the enormous rabbit is difficult to miss. In reality, the bunny is a component of an art project by a Viennese collective and is intended to serve as a hanging-out space for tourists. It’s supposed to be a massive item that makes you feel little, according to one of the group members, and if you see it up close, it does. But from a distance, it resembles the abandoned, disfigured bunny, a creepy thing that so many horror films open with.

To imitate the Lilliputians from Gulliver’s Travels, the creepy rabbit was constructed on the hill with its entrails bulging. There is no scheduled removal date for the giant bunny, though it will remain there until it is eaten by wandering animals or natural forces. Gelitin has urged tourists to climb, jump, or take a short rest on top of the dead, stuffed torso of the rabbit. Although the rabbit was almost disintegrated by 2016, the makers had anticipated it would last until 2025.


Ancient Underwater Pyramids – Bahamas, Caribbean

Creepy Things And Places On Google Earth Maps - Underwater Pyramid

Despite our strong opposition to conspiracy theories, many of them have been helped along by unexplained locations and creepy places discovered on Google Earth maps. One of them is the underwater pyramid in the Bahamas that may be still found on Google Earth maps.

The discovery of underwater pyramids was greeted by several tabloids and conspiracy buffs as evidence of aliens, Atlantis, and a wide range of other things that are not true. Despite the fact that a conspiracy theorist also discovered it, the building may still exist. Although they acknowledge that there is no way to establish that it is not a hidden extraterrestrial facility. Some scientists think it might have been something constructed by an ancient culture.


Pigeon People – Tokyo, Japan

Creepy Things And Places On Google Earth Maps - Pigeon People

You might come across a group of individuals who are standing and staring at you while you navigate the streets of West Tokyo on a map. Except for the fact that they’re all wearing pigeon masks, they might appear to be random bystanders taking in the Google Street View team out of interest. In addition to the reasonable query of “how and where did they even manage to get that many pigeon masks to start with,” everything is a little creepy, weird, and unnerving.

In reality, the pigeon people were Tokyo’s locals who were aware of the Google team’s presence and wanted to be included in the street’s final photo. As long as you know the reasons, everything is harmless and interesting.


Censored House Of Horrors – Ohio, USA

Creepy Things And Places On Google Earth Maps - Castro House

There aren’t many crimes that can hold the nation’s conscience like the horrifying, publicized crimes committed by Ariel Castro. He abducted three women and held them captive for more than nine years. When one of the victims fled with her six-year-old child (born in captivity). She alerted the law enforcement authorities, which led to the arrest of Ariel Castro. Who was accused of many crimes of rape, aggravated murder, kidnapping, and attempted murder among other things.

What connection does it have to map places then? Google Street View allowed users to view the creepy places that Castro called home and where he held women captive for several years. But right now, it’s blurry. Even if the house was masked out due to the severity of the crime, we’d agree that it would still have been disturbing even if it had been there visible.


Alleged Scientology Base – New Mexico, USA

Creepy Things And Places On Google Earth Maps - Scientology Base

We don’t have the expertise or capacity to delve into Scientology. Which is an odd blend of science and religion with a healthy dose of extraterrestrials. It usually makes headlines when a Hollywood star is associated with it, which is for the best since it’s all quite difficult to grasp.

Strangely enough, there are many creepy places and locations in the United States and elsewhere that are thought to be bases for the Scientology religion. One of these can be seen on Google Earth maps: the Trementina Base in New Mexico. There are only two circles that overlap and have diamond shapes in the centers. While looking at this creepy place through Google Earth maps it is obvious that someone went to considerable lengths to create it.

The majority of people believed that it was a facility used to detect aliens traveling to Earth (or something similar). An ex-scientist disagreed, saying that such a claim would be absurd. He claims that the facility actually serves a useful purpose, to direct other members to L. Ron Hubbard’s writings. The writings are allegedly written on gold sheets and stored in titanium boxes.

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