Top 5 Five Most Expensive T Shirt Brands In The World

In former times, t shirts were not taken as a means of a style statement. They were merely used as underclothing. We now find t shirts in a huge variety available in ranges from dirt cheap to most expensive t shirts. It has become an essential device to showcase one’s fashion sense. There is a profusion of t shirts selling brands accessible to people around every corner of the world. T shirts are now vital to complete one’s look; therefore, brands are making t shirts available in various designs, in different shades of different colors, and in measurements, keeping in mind customers of multiple ages. Although, the popularity of t shirts has increased over the past few decades. 

T shirts were first fabricated during the war between America and Spain in the late 1800s, but they first emerged in the 1800s when laborers customized their overalls in halves to get protection from the hot weather. In the early 1900s, American naval staff used t shirts as a typical undergarment. Later in the 1900s, this outfit was labeled as ‘t shirts’  in the English dictionary. In the past, people didn’t recognize it as an ‘everywhere’ outfit. It was taken as formal or sportswear. T shirts have acquired a permanent place among all the attires. They are not just easy to wear, but they make your appearance classy and dapper. 

Over time, t shirts have gained a significant place in completing one’s look. The main reason is their availability for all social classes. T shirts are not low-priced gear anymore. The world’s top and renowned t shirt brands are producing the most expensive t shirts for customers who don’t mind paying a large amount of cash. 

Let’s jump to the list of the top 5 five most expensive T Shirt brands in the world:



most expensive t shirt brands Chanel

In the list of the world’s most reputable and distinguished brands published by BNP Exane Paribas in 2018, Chanel comes first. It’s a French brand that was launched by the fashion designer, Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel, in the early 20th century. Its head offices are situated in France and Great Britain. It is well-known for its opulent clothes, rich fragrances, make-up, and deluxe items. 

Chanel is the first choice of wealthy and affluent people. It’s not just because of the deluxe items but it also delivers the pre-eminent quality stuff to its buyers. They provide ready-to-wear apparel and t shirts as pricey as more than a thousand dollars. Not all buyers can purchase it but the ones who follow the trends can pay any amount of money to carry its logo. Chanel is supplying outstanding, voguis, durable and the world’s most expensive t shirts.  



Gianni Versace was the finest and the most skillful designer of the late 1900s. His brand, Versace, is deemed one of the most ineffable brands that contributed to the fashion history of Italy. Gianna Versace chose Medusa’s head as a logo to make his vision for his brand loud and clear to the public. The customers find the products of Versace irresistible. They feel awestruck after visiting the outlets of this prestigious brand. 

Versace is the topmost brand selling high-priced, most expensive but the finest t shirts. The t shirts of Versace are loved and admired by high-class, wealthy people because of their fashionable and chic designs and prints. Also, it’s highly recommended because of the quality that makes the customers feel comfortable. 

Versace has maintained its top position among the other world’s most expensive t shirt brands. But the prices that it offers are higher than its rivals. Many people can only desire to elevate the look of their wardrobes by buying t shirts with appealing and fascinating designs.


Giorgio Armani

Another ruling and well-known fashion house, Giorgio Armani, is from Italy. It was set up in the late 1900s by Giorgio Armani. Its headquarter is in Milan. It sells world-class clothing items. Its high-ranked and most desired items include cosmetics, bags, fragrances and other luxurious items. The designs produced by Armani are exceptional and exclusive with no compromise on the quality. They are meant for the rich and elite class. 

Armani is also being acclaimed as the world’s most expensive t shirts selling brand. It’s the most demanded t shirt selling brand. It earns around 2.5 billion dollars every year. Its trademark is expensive and valuable items assembled with t shirts. It is unaffordable for the common people who can only dream of buying overpriced t shirts made of the best quality material. Its unique and beautifully designed t shirts are exclusively tailored for upper-class people. 


Louis Vuitton

most expensive t shirt brands louis vuitton

Louis Vuitton is a prominent and leading brand, especially known for its handbag, luggage and perfumes. It has left its rival brands behind in terms of yearly earnings. Hermes, Zara, Gucci and H&M are the big names that are the competition for LV. LVHM is an association that regulates the topmost brands and Louis Vuitton is one of the brands establishing this coalition to manage sales.

The tale of the origin of this huge name is never told in detail. We have 1 or 2 words of mouth, but the story of its real struggle and progress can be rarely heard. 

T shirts sold by Louis Vuitton are adored and liked by all the common men. But these t shirts are among the world’s most expensive t shirts and not for everyone to buy. According to a survey report in 2012, Louis Vuitton is still leading other top-rated brands. 

Louis Vuitton offers the coziest yet the most stylish and desirable designs to its buyers. The prices of the t shirts are so high that people can not afford to buy them. Even though their prices are sky-high, they are the most ordered items. People are mad to wear their extraordinarily designed t shirts.



Dior came into being in the later 1900s. This fashion house from France has inspired everyone since it was founded. It’s been known around the world since its beginning because of its enduring and significant designs. It has always secured the top position among the other gigantic fashion brands. Dior has always come up with creative but conventional ideas. Dior’s haute couture is distinguished for its creativity. 

Dior is one of the world’s most expensive t shirts selling brands around the globe. It’s more popular for its female designs. Its success can be judged by the fact that it earned 5 percent of France’s total earnings just in three years after being established. Their designs are contemporary, classy, and unparalleled. Their iconic looks continue to inspire the young generation. Along with the outstanding designs, their t shirts are very expensive and cannot be afforded by everyone. People can only admire and idolize the looks of their t shirts. We can say that they are made for affluent people.

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