Top 5 Five Musicians Who Sold Their Souls To The Devil

The devil is the very definition of evil. He seizes souls, apparently bestows superhuman abilities, and costs a fee for it. He subsequently collects with unrelenting harshness and cruelty, like a hellish loan shark. It’s also rumored that legendary musicians are in fact devil musicians and have agreements with the devil.

It cannot go well when the dark power asks a musician to join forces with evil. Virtuoso talent and enormous success are two things that many musicians desire. It takes effort to learn to play a musical instrument. Patience and practice are required to master this skill, which can be infuriating. It is a common belief that the devil enjoys listening to music. According to legend, Lucifer likes stringed instruments, especially the violin and guitar. We can say that a string connects the devil and music. The devil teaches guitarists how to play the guitar flawlessly. This flawlessness can make them overnight stars in exchange for their souls.

An old proverb says that no virtuoso has ever fallen from the skies. But is it possible that some of them acquired their extraordinary abilities straight from the flames of Hell? Over time, myths about these sinister relationships have emerged. You might assume that nobody would accept his offer. Yet we have identified at least five musicians who are among those people who sold their souls to the devil.

Let’s jump to our list of the top 5 musicians who sold their souls to the devil:


Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson is said to be the most well-known devil musician. He was one of those people who sold their souls to the devil. He is said to have met the devil at the Clarksdale Crossroads in the 1930s.

He was reportedly a “poor guitarist” but a “good harmonica player.” After that, he vanished for a few weeks. He is said to have brought his guitar to the Mississippi crossroads. The devil gave him the guitar there and taught him a few things. When he returned, his awful guitar playing had been upgraded to “formidable” and “masterful.” The legend became true when Robert Johnson passed away in 1938 at the age of 27. He is now referred to as the Devil’s Bluesman.


Giuseppe Tartini

Giuseppe Tartini

Another devil musician, Giuseppe Tartini, is known for writing a song with the devil. He is also listed as one of the people who sold their souls to the devil. In a dream, Tartini encountered Trillo del Diavolo, also known as The Devil’s Trill. He claimed that the song only came to him after his dream self had likewise sold his soul. When he woke up, he recorded the music. However, it was not as intricate as the devil’s melody. Therefore, he neglected to read the fine print of the agreement.

The Devil’s Trill is one of the most complicated works for the violin ever composed. He was an extremely talented musician. Nevertheless, he quickly realized that he was not competent enough to play his tune. As a result, he exchanged his soul for a song he was incapable of playing.

It must have been frustrating for Tartini to spend the rest of his life attempting to perfect his melody. But he was also a master devil musician, a notorious womanizer, a brawler, and a skilled swordsman.


John Lennon

John Lennon

John Lennon made pretty absurd claims about the Beatles and Jesus. So we were already aware that he was a heretic. However, one Beatles “scholar” has spent years deciphering secret meanings and symbolism in John Lennon’s songs, artwork, and album covers. He thinks he has “proof” that Lennon, the devil musician, did sell his soul to the devil.

He explains his theory using the paths of sorcery, mysticism, numerology, and theology. He has also used the reliable mystical sciences of anagrams and playing music backward to justify his theory.

There is a possibility that this Beatles expert is a little crazy. However, we cannot judge it. Around December 1960, Lennon purportedly signed his contract with Lucifer. It happened just before the first known case of that well-known viral epidemic, Beatlemania, surfaced. If this is the case, it must be difficult for John Lennon as the other three band members allegedly managed to maintain their souls. However, they continued to share the glory. John Lennon remained successful for 20 years. Later, the devil took back what he owned from this devil musician. Lennon passed away on December 7, 1980. I suppose we are convinced.


Niccolo Paganini

Niccolo Paganini

Niccolo Paganini was not just a guitarist but also a violinist. Thus, he had no chance. He was born in Genoa in 1782 and started playing the violin at age 7. People know him as the greatest violin player of all time.

People persistently made allegations against Paganini that he must have exchanged his virtuosity for the sale of his soul. It was due to the fact that this devil musician was so much better than his contemporaries. Of course, it may have been that. It could also have been his extraordinarily long fingers, which allowed him to play three octaves across four strings unheard of thanks to hours of practice.

His hand spread is likely due to Marfan syndrome. This syndrome normally causes sufferers to be extraordinarily tall with lengthy limbs. Like other musical geniuses, Paganini primarily employed his talents to attract women. However, no one ever explained how he did it. This devil musician was a tremendous womanizer. He was also rumored to capture the souls of young ladies inside his violin.

According to one concertgoer in Vienna, even the devil was guiding Paganini’s arm. It most likely made for enlightening conversation during the break.


The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones launched a new record in 1968 that proved every parent’s worst fears. Rock & roll was, in fact, the music of the devil. According to Keith Richards, some people believed they were “working as unidentified agents of Lucifer while others think we are Lucifer”. They were a problem in any case.

However, some of their followers really embraced the Satanic Majesties concept. The Hells Angels, specifically, ate it up. Sympathy For The Devil was the official anthem of the only biker gang that was not legal. The Stones were given security at the Altamont Free Music Festival.

An incident occurred during that song when a teenager was fatally stabbed not long after. The Stones did not perform the live song again for a considerable time. Nevertheless, it was not directly related to the stabbing. Since then, The Stones have been plagued by suspicions of practicing devil worship and in some circles considered devil musicians. It is possibly due to hidden messages in their music. Also, there is an enormous tattoo of the devil’s head with horns on Mick’s chest.

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