Top 5 Five Crazy Claims About The Bloodline Of Jesus Christ

People have different opinions about the events surrounding Jesus. But everyone agrees that he existed at the time indicated. However, there is great debate over who he was and whether or not he was divine. People also debate whether the account of his death was even remotely accurate. There are even debates about Jesus’ bloodline. 

It has been widely believed that Jesus was married and had children. Additionally, it is said that Jesus’ bloodline still exists now. Such absurd beliefs have been brought to light by Dan Brown‘s novels like The Da Vinci Code. This novel talks about the wealth of speculative evidence presented to support the theory.

Let’s jump to the list of the top 5 five crazy claims about the descendants and bloodline of Jesus Christ:


Jesus Survived The Crucifixion

Jesus Survived The Crucifixion

The claim that Jesus lived to see the cross is arguably absurdist. Of course, if this were even somewhat true, it would strike fear into the hearts of all major religions.

The basic idea behind this notion is that Jesus was made to appear dead throughout the crucifixion. It was done so that he might be taken down and carried to the tomb, where his body was lying. Of course, it was assumed that he had ascended to the heavens when his body was found missing. According to proponents of the Jesus’ bloodline idea, it was more likely a clever and deceitful act than a divine one.

When we consider the following points on our list, it is simple to understand why these beliefs initially started to take on a life of their own.


Jesus Went To The French Gaul

Jesus Went To The French Gaul

The supporters of this theory assert that during Jesus’ era, there was a sizable Jewish community in French Gaul. The majority of literature claims he was Jewish. It stands to reason that he would pick this location if he escaped from impending death. However, this idea has been refuted by many great historians.

The fact that French Gaul was one of the largest Roman epicenters outside Rome is arguably more intriguing. Pontius Pilate, the judge who executed Jesus also lived there. If Pilate were involved in an agreement, it would make sense for him to offer some first safe passage to the area. It would have allowed him the chance to watch after Jesus and make sure he did indeed maintain a low profile.

It is not too far-fetched to imagine that Jesus might have traveled there. We will see in the next point that some well-known traditions indicate what he did.

Jesus’ arrival on the Southern French coast is the subject of numerous legends. He was not alone, as we will discuss in greater detail shortly.

There is a scripture that was supposedly written around the year 720. It mentions building an underground tomb for Jesus. It is unclear if this refers to an actual tomb for the remains of a person or if it is merely symbolic. Naturally, it is not considered evidence that the beliefs about Jesus visiting France are true.


Proof Of Jesus’ Teaching In The Temples

Proof Of Jesus' Teaching In The Temples

Many ancient texts and writings are proof that Jesus taught in the temples. If this is true, then the regulations of those times would have required him to be married and a father of children. Some may view this point as evidence for the existence of Jesus’ bloodline. It is a missed fact that casts doubt on the assertions that Jesus was just a regular guy with a family.

As you might expect, there is plenty of controversy surrounding this assertion. There are numerous claims about whether Jesus taught in the temples and when he did. Given that it is difficult to see how to prove one way or the other can be presented, barring the discovery of some form of official records, it is one that, like the entire Jesus’ bloodline idea itself, will continue to rage for many years to come.


The Conspiracy Story Of Berringer Sauniere

The Conspiracy Story Of Berringer Sauniere

There is a story about Berringer Sauniere. He was an impoverished country priest living in Southern France. He is said to have appeared out of nowhere and become wealthy suddenly in the late 1890s. This story may be one of the strangest but most fascinating tales involving Jesus’ bloodline.

There are some rumors that Sauniere had proof that Jesus escaped to France after marriage. This proof also shows that they survived the crucifixion and that the entire church was founded on a huge fraud. Although there is no proof, the most common theory of what he may have discovered is that he came to the family tomb of Jesus, Mary, and their two children. It is asserted that Sauniere probably used the discovery to blackmail the Vatican. He received funding due to his meager church, which underwent a significant renovation.

Many treasure hunters and truth seekers visit the church in the now-famous village of Rennes-le-Château. They are in search of evidence to support their hypotheses and claims. Whether it was a coincidence, Sauniere passed away unexpectedly, and his death is shrouded in secrecy. Take that for what you will.


Jesus’ Bloodline Is Still Alive To This Day

Jesus’ Bloodline Is Still Alive To This Day

The idea that Jesus’ bloodline still exists today is possibly ludicrous of a long list of illogical and borderline nonsensical assertions. But it has taken years for numerous scholars to piece together these bloodlines. The two most well-known are perhaps Laurence Gardner and Dan Sewell Ward. Following their research, they think there were 13 generations of Jesus’ ancestors in Britain before the reign of King Arthur.

In addition, they claim that there are probably many descendants of Jesus rather than just one or two people still alive. Hugh Montgomery makes some very bold claims, including that he belongs to Jesus’ bloodline and can trace his ancestry to the Mesopotamian God Kings.

The main argument in favor of this is a passage from the Syriac Gospels that claims that Jesus and Mary Magdalene had a daughter, in addition to Joseph and Mary being Jesus’s parents. The sentence is lost, although it is assumed that it refers to a subsequent child. The investigation goes on.

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