Top 5 Five Paranormal Encounters With Black Eyed Children

On a chilly late night, they might knock your door. Or as you wait at the traffic signal or at a petrol station, you might see them coming toward your car. They can appear to be in need of help or they might simply remain motionless. These kids don’t appear to be a threat to anyone in any way. Though they would definitely want to enter your home or vehicle and they’ll keep trying to do so. You’ll notice immediately that there is something unusual about these kids. You will finally notice the black eyed children, whose eyes are like dead deep black orbs, which would appear pure black from lid to lid.

There’s an urban legend about supernatural beings who resemble children between the ages of six and sixteen, who are known as black eyed kids. They have apparently been spotted asking for help, hitchhiking, and going to the front doors of houses. They had pale complexions and jet black eyes. There are a  dozen stories that all follow a very similar pattern. That talk about Children who have completely black eyes visiting people’s homes or cars, knocking on the door, and then insisting on entering. Anyone who has ever stumbled upon them has almost instantly had an intense sense of fear.

Let’s jump to our list of the top 5 five mysterious encounters with black eyed children:


Meeting With The Black Eyed Devil In Virginia, USA – 1950

Black Eyed Devil

One of the earliest documented cases of black eyed children occurs in Virginia in 1950. This case involves a 16-year-old boy solely known by his first name, Harold. The kid was reportedly returning home one afternoon when he noticed another boy leaning against a fence, appearing to be waiting for someone. When Harold got a bit near, the weird boy abruptly said, “I want to go to your house. You’ll accompany me as I enter your home.

Harold then noticed the boy’s eyes, which were completely black. There was only pure black, no white. Then, something even odd and more terrifying occurred, just as Harold was considering turning around and rushing to the home, the boy said, “Now, don’t you run away from me. You’ll accompany me as I enter your home.”  In spite of this, Harold took off running more quickly than ever before. He heard what sounded like a bobcat cry coming from behind him.

It’s interesting to note that Harold’s parents reportedly believed his story. His father allegedly grabbed his rifle and immediately went outside to hunt for the threatening boy who had demanded his son take him to their home. His mother reportedly believed her son had a personal experience with the Devil.


The Black Eyed Teenagers In Ohio, USA – 2010

Black Eyed Teenagers

An Ohio man who went by the alias “Noetic” reported having an odd encounter with two black eyed teens in July 2010 outside the data center where he worked. When Noetic observed two teenage lads across the street from his building at around 5:00 AM, he was taking a break from his night shift and having a cigarette outside the building. Maybe because they seemed to be staring straight at him but were otherwise still.

He hurriedly returned to the office to resume his job. Ten minutes later, Noetic heard a buzzing sound coming from the front door intercom. When he turned to look at the monitors, he saw that it was the two boys who had been staring him down earlier. Inquiring about their needs while claiming to be busy, he pressed the chat button. Although neither of the youngsters spoke, one of them made a gesture on the camera, as if asking Noetic to go outside. He once more touched the chat button, informed them that they had to go, and then resumed his work.

The two youngsters kept staring at the camera as though they were peering into his office through the TV monitor. About ten minutes later, Noetic made the decision to go to the front door and ask the boys to leave so he could finish his work. He nevertheless looked at the two youngsters via the one-way glass before opening the door. Except for their horrible completely black eyes, they appeared to be normal. He took the decision to urge the youngsters to go or he would have to call the police. Despite feeling much more uncomfortable as a result of this incident.

One of the lads asked him to open the door as soon as he did, “That won’t be necessary sir, we only need to use your phone, can you allow us in?” as if he had read his mind. Noetic declined, claiming no one was permitted inside. The boys stood there, requesting entry into the premises once more. Noetic again threatened to contact the police as he took out his phone and shut the door.

He turned around and returned to the monitor’s protection to watch the boys. While the other boy made his way to the back of the building and peered into the camera there. The first boy choose to remain at the door and continued to look into the camera. As he watched his monitors, Noetic called the cops. While Noetic waited for the lads to resurface on one of his monitors, they just disappeared.  When the cops finally showed up, at about 6:00 AM, none of the two unusual teenagers were present.


Sighting Of The Black Eyed Girl Of Staffordshire, England – 2014

Black Eyed Girl

Several big front-page articles about a black eyed kid terrorizing the neighborhood of Cannock Chase of Staffordshire, England were published in the tabloid newspaper The Daily Star in September 2014. An expert in the paranormal, Lee Brickley, looked into the situation. He stated that a local woman had heard a frightful scream that she mistakenly thought was coming from a child who was in danger. After first not spotting anyone as she hurried in pursuit of the youngster, she became aware that a female child in white was standing behind her. The little child, according to her, remained silent and had her hands over her eyes “like she was waiting for a birthday cake.”

When the woman, who was accompanied by her little daughter, inquired about the strange girl’s well-being, it appeared to encourage her to remove her hands from her face and open her eyes. The witness informed Brickley, “That’s when I discovered they were entirely black, no iris, no white, nothing.” I turned around and grabbed my daughter. The girl was gone when I turned back to check. It was so bizarre.

Brickley also revealed to the media that the identical girl had been seen by his own aunt in 1982, more than three decades earlier. He claimed that she had seen a girl in white running away, after hearing a young girl asking for rescue. When Brickley’s aunt caught up to her, she touched her shoulder to check on her condition. His aunt noticed the girl’s jet black eyes when she turned around. The girl then turned and carried on running till she vanished.


Black Eyed Children In Barrack, North Carolina, USA – 2009

Black Eyed Children

A US Marine who was stationed at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina claimed that in November 2009, he had an unusual encounter with some black eyed kids close to his barracks.

The unnamed US Marine claimed that he was watching a movie alone in his room one evening when he heard a knock at the door. The Marine unlocked it without thinking because he assumed his roommate, who had misplaced his key, was inside. But when he did, he was met by the sight of two little kids standing outside. The man said he was overwhelmed with fear and had the urge to slam the door as fast as he could as soon as he spotted them. That was before he noticed that the children’s eyes were completely black.

Despite his concern, the Marine asked the kids what they wanted, and they replied while keeping their eyes fixed on him that they wanted to come inside and read because it was chilly outside. As the kids moved nearer the room, the Marine gave in to the urge that was racing through him and immediately locked the door after determining that no one else was in sight. Before the noises stopped and the kids seemed to have vanished, the knocking and rattling from his window continued for some minutes.

The Marine made a few useless inquiries the next morning. Surprisingly the few witnesses to his weird meeting verified that they had not heard or seen anything unusual.


Black Eyed Children Visits Women From Vermont, USA – 2016

Black Eyed Children

In Jan 2016 an online report claimed to be from a mother who had stumbled across black eyed children. And also made the error of letting them into her home. She believed, according to the report, that her choice would have long lasting consequences.

The woman identified herself as being from Vermont. Described how, during a blizzard one evening about a year prior, there had been a loud knocking at the front door of the home, where she lives along with her husband. The woman rushed to the door, presuming that someone had been involved in a car accident because of the weather. Footprints in the snow leading to the house could be seen when looking out the window, but there was no indication of any car on the road. She woke up her husband after feeling a little anxious. He rushed to the door to answer it as the pounding continued.

Two strange children, a boy and a girl who appeared to be roughly eight years old were standing in the doorway. She recalled that they were not outfitted for the bitter cold outside and that their presence immediately made her feel very uneasy.

Her cats appeared to be frightened of the visitors one, in particular, hissed at them, as she led the two strange kids into her living area. She remembered that no matter what she questioned them, they always responded with the same response: “Our parents will be here soon.” She offered to make the duo a cup of cocoa to warm them up. When she entered the room with the two cups of cocoa, she was horrified to see that in place of their eyes, there should have been two jet-black balls the size of huge pupils.

They both at once inquired about using the restroom as she continued to look at them. They were pointed there as she made an effort to remain composed. Later, her spouse started bleeding from the nose, and the electricity abruptly turned out. Both kids were standing at the end of the hallway, unmoving, and staring at her as the lady made her way to bring her husband a tissue.

“Our parents are here,” they abruptly announced, before opening the front door and leaving the house again into the night. Even worse, as she closed the door, she noticed two tall guys who were both wearing suits standing next to a black automobile as the kids were getting into it. And then they all left.

Although she didn’t go into detail, she added that she also abruptly started experiencing frequent nosebleeds and that she was in the “worst condition of her life” after learning that her spouse had been diagnosed with an aggressive form of skin cancer. She is certain that the snowy night when they welcomed the two black eyed kids into their home, was a contributory cause of both her and her husband’s poor health.

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